Which bank can give a loan to repay other loans


People who take a loan, count their financial capabilities. Force majeure (loss of work, illness, relocation) forced to seek money to pay off debt. If there is no possibility to receive additional funds from other sources, there is a way out – in advance to apply for a loan from the bank for urgent repayment of consumer loans. This does not relieve from the obligation to repay the financial debt, but it will help with the delay, the accrual of interest and possible fines.

Which banks give loans to pay off other loans

Which banks give loans to pay off other loans

The borrower tries to reduce the overpayment during the loan. Someone refuses insurance, others can use refinancing services of the bank to optimize the debt.

To repay consumer debt, a bank customer draws up a loan. For refinancing, it is worth considering that the delay is an insurmountable obstacle for the client of a financial institution.

Loan to repay the delay is beneficial in that:

  • reduced total monthly payment;
  • there is an opportunity to increase the loan term;
  • debt repayment is carried out financially from a new loan;
  • multiple payments can be combined into one, while reducing the commission;
  • there are no hidden fees;
  • cash on consumer spending is released.

Banks generally do not refinance borrowers who have overdue loans. They always give preference to bona fide payers. Therefore, they use the mechanism of financial analysis of their clients. Financial analysis of the borrower should positively determine the solvency of the individual, while the delay has a negative impact on the possibility of on-lending.

For institutions, the issuance of consumer loans to repay a loan allows you to attract new customers who initially issued an unprofitable loan.

When faced with the choice of which bank you can take a loan to pay off other loans, consider the following points:

  • interest rate must be less than the initial loan;
  • money can be taken for a longer period;
  • it is necessary to prepare a documentary evidence of the causes of deterioration in solvency.

Choosing the program “Refinancing”, the financial borrower should choose only verified organizations in order not to overpay and not turn to fraudsters.


To get a consumer loan to pay off loans from other banks, prepare a package of documents that includes:

  • passport or identity document;
  • certificate of income;
  • if the amount is large – a guarantee or pledge of an individual.

Before you start making refinancing, financial institutions look at the credit history. The better this option is, the greater the chances of refinancing.

When taking a new loan, it is worth considering that the mortgaged property (car, apartment) becomes the object of pledge in another institution, as a result the interest amount rises. This is due to the fact that the loan is now considered to be devoid of additional collateral. The process affects everyone who refinances a mortgage car loan.

Loan to repay other loans with bad credit history

Loan to repay other loans with bad credit history

In the case of a damaged customer reputation due to late delays, contact major financial institutions that are willing to cooperate with such customers. To do this, apply to different banks. Before obtaining a new loan, study the new contract. The financial borrower gets another consumer loan on unfavorable terms. Refinancing for those with outstanding latency, is the increased interest rates.

If you need to take a loan to pay off other loans with an overdue loan, use the services of proven financial institutions.

With a bad credit history, use the services of a broker . His experience, professionalism and knowledge of ways to solve financial problems will help to get a profitable loan. He will convince the bank that the client is a responsible payer and argues the former non-payment of the borrower.

Which bank can give a loan to repay other loans in arrears

Some institutions are loyal to those customers who have a bad credit history. If you have already chosen the organization, then at the interview clearly argue your needs for the loan and explain why there was a delay. The lender must be sure that the refinancing will be repaid on time. The interest rate for repayment of other loans with overdue will be higher and a guarantee will be required for the guarantee.

Before you take the amount in the bank for a large purchase, be sure to analyze all possible options, and in case of sudden financial difficulties – look for profitable solutions. In a difficult cash situation, loans will help pay off debt and relieve money. A loan to pay off other loans is an option that will save your own credit history.