Youth Loan: the best Youth Under 30


For years, the attention of lenders is focusing on forms of youth loan (ie under 30 or under 35), although often the category of young people has no solid guarantees . Banks and financial institutions have studied the possibility of giving loans to young people who do not have an open-ended employment contract and who therefore have atypical forms of work, thinking of alternative forms of guarantee. The requirements for access to these loans are however less stringent than traditional ones. Usually the ceilings of these loans are low figures between 500 and 15000 euros .

The best loans for young people

The best loans for young people

For young people : suitable for those who have an atypical contract (as long as more than one year and a half) or a freelancer. This loan is also open to those who are customers of other banks and can provide up to € 30000 for a maximum of 10 years. Operating costs and rates are low. The preliminary investigation is 1.50% of the amount financed and the loan is free of installment costs, stamp duty, and stamp duty linked to periodic communications between the bank and the customer.

CreditExpress Master of Unicredit : specific to finance young people’s studies and post-graduate specializations such as Masters. The loan guarantees a disbursement of between 2,000 and 15,000 euros, repayable in installments ranging from 18 to 96 months. The TAN for this offer is 10.40%, the maximum APR is 12.98, the rate is fixed, also allows a pre-amortization of a maximum duration of three years.

Loan for youngs : helps to realize the projects of life of young people. This type of loan has a certain flexibility and allows you to skip or postpone an installment, to change the time of the loan and the amount of the installment itself. The loan can be requested online.

Personal Loan Younited : The rebilling institution has younited credit loans online a Digital Credit Platform active in France since 2011. European leader in online loans is an authorized and certified institution. For a loan of 5000 euros the installment is 92.64 euros. The fixed TAN is 4.25%, the APR is 7.94%, the duration of the loan is 60 months. On a financed amount of 5000 euros, the amount owed is 5558 euros.

personal loan : The codifis paying agency is the fourth French banking group. It is a flexible loan that allows the customer to skip up to three installments over the course of the loan, at no additional cost. You can ask up to 10000 euros with a maximum of 72 months for repayment. The loan requirements are reviewed for a maximum of 48 hours. In addition, the loan has no charges for the practical opening, collection of installments and periodic communications..